lauantai 21. marraskuuta 2009

New Designs

I have added couple more designs to my shop this week. One has little berries on it, black berries or cloudberries ;) My daughter keeps feeling them and calls them just "bumps". Here's the berry hat.

Latest design I have is stripes. But not just plain stripes, they come with a cool little stitch. To me this looks just like a little tiny bird's toes :D haha, silly me. Well I named the hat Sparrow's Toes anyways :) I love those little birds.

These stripes I can make in any color you can imagine! So much options with this lovely yarn :) It's 85% wool and 15% mohair. We had family over last night and my niece just fell in love with this hat in white, pink and turquoise. I had just made her the hat with buds and a cowl to go with it in aqua but now she wants this one too :) I got lots orders from them all!

Today I will have a no-knitting-day and we will all go to children's museum. Should be fun :)

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