keskiviikko 18. marraskuuta 2009

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Well here starts the blog! Wild Cloudberry is my first and only Etsy shop :) I have been buying and browsing Etsy for few years now and one night, about a month ago, I decided to set up my own shop! I had just come up with a really cute knit hat .. I was planning on knitting just one hat for my daughter but I thought this hat was cute enough to be spread around ;) I'm really picky about what I like knitting wise but this model I really fell in love with. I remembered seeing someone wearing a cute hat with leaves and started trying to knit one. It took a while to get it perfect!

I have made that of several different yarns and you can find them all on my shop. My favorite is the wool/mohair which is in this picture also. It's so warm! This yarn compliments the design really nicely.

So that's where it started :) I have been working on getting more hats done, also added couple cowls/neck warmers to my shop. I have vouple more models I'm working on for neck warmers so more about those later on!

I will try and update the blog couple times a week to tell about new items and other hopefully interesting things!

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