tiistai 29. joulukuuta 2009

Holiday Laziness

Sorry for the long break between the posts! I have to admit, I have been very lazy around the holiday season.

Here is something new, I made this set for my niece couple weeks ago and it looks great on her! All matches :) she was very happy with it and that of course made me feel super good!

I also listed a set for kids to the Etsy shop, that one doesn't come with the gloves but it could if you wanted to!

My toughest customer by far is my daughter Scarlett. She has become quite picky about what she want's to wear. And nothing I make seems to be very popular! I have made her several hats butshe always prefers store-bought stuff! Finally I found out the trick... a deer! She loves to watch Bambi - the original one with good music - so I decided to try out the deer figure. Jackpot :D she loves her new hat and gloves. They are super warm also, hat is 100% bulky wool and gloves are double-gloves made of alpaca.

These were a little more work than my products in my store but I might do few of them for sale later on.

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